RobotNext, Vietnamese company, was established in 2020, a year that all people in the world realize the need to change. The changes in the way of operation, the way of producing and logistics, supply chain of all goods, products in the world. Producing technology needs to be faster, more stable and flexible to follow budget-saving solutions.

We start with the most experienced engineers, who have worked in the Robotics and Automation field for a long time, full of energy.They are innovative, creative and young engineers. The cooperation of experience and youth helps us to become an outstanding company.

Understanding the financial difficulties of small and medium companies, also most world-leading companies after Covid-19 pandemic effectiveness. We provide Robotics and Automation services at an affordable cost, fully enough standard qualification in a quick leading time.

Besides, we build and integrate the most useful, safe, stable, and standard robot system applications. Welding, cutting, painting, grinding, milling, pick and place robot applications…and customize demanding robot applications

Vision Mission Value

Become a reliable partner for manufacturing companies

Bring sustainable economic value, stable and long-term development with production companies

RobotNext always be ready and exciting to discuss, interact, consult and solve your demanding together

Create value for you and us!


Core Values

Customer Human resources Quality Attitude
Continuously strive to understand our customers’ expectations or problems which customers encounter entirely. Then, we can discuss together and bring the optimal solutions to make the best experiences for the customer.
With the spirit of creativity and innovation. RobotNext always creates the best environment for staff to learn, to improve technical skills, be flexible, be active and dedicate all effort to work.
For RobotNext, product/service quality is considered as the first concern. We always update and innovate, and find ways to better product/service quality at the highest level.
Professional – accuracy – reliable. Those are the norms which RobotNext has been following in order to be the best partner of our customers.