ABB Robots Drive Sustainability at Volvo Cars. 


1,300 ABB Robots Drive Sustainability at Volvo Cars. 

Up to 20% less energy is used when using OmniCore controllers and ABB Robots energy-efficient. 

In order to help the Swedish automaker meet its aggressive sustainability goals, ABB is fortifying its long-standing relationship with Volvo Cars by providing more than 1,300 robots and functional packages to be used in the construction of the upcoming generation of electric vehicles. 

Functional packages spanning a range of production operations, including flow drilling and ultrasonic weld inspection, as well as spot welding, riveting, and dispensing, are included in this arrangement. Each package is a ready-to-use, customer-proven combination of hardware, software, and services and will be installed at Volvo Cars’ plants in Torslanda, Sweden, and Daqing, China. 

Robot ABB

ABB Robots will cover various production tasks, from spot-welding and riveting to ultrasonic weld inspection. Source: ABB 

Alongside the hardware and functional packages, ABB Robot latest line of OmniCore controllers will assist offer energy savings of up to 20% at sites thanks to their extremely efficient power electronics and usage of regenerative braking within the robot. 

“Global manufacturers are facing both new opportunities and challenges as a result of the automotive industry’s historic transformation, which is being driven by consumer demand for electric vehicles and a desire to operate more sustainably,” stated Marc Segura, president of ABB Robotics. “Our goal of providing more sustainable manufacturing is demonstrated by our partner Volvo Cars’ most recent commitment.” 

ABB will use its RobotStudio® planning and programming software platform to visualize and optimize the deployment prior to the robots being deployed, ensuring that production continues unhindered throughout the deployment. Volvo Vehicles and ABB will partner to develop solutions that can be engineered once, but deployed several times, by creating and validating the necessary automation systems in a virtual environment. 

Volvo Cars and ABB have a long history of working together to develop cooperative solutions that boost automotive production efficiency and continuously enhance the capabilities of industrial robots. The companies will collaborate on their most recent initiative for the foreseeable future, with the first deployments scheduled for early 2024. It is the most recent in a line of products from ABB designed to assist the world’s auto sector in meeting its challenging sustainability goals and making the switch to producing electric vehicles. 

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