IOT solutions, Robots and Automatic Glass Grinders in automatic glass processing

Giải pháp IOT, Robot và Máy mài kính tự động trong quá trình gia công kính

IOT solutions, Robots and Automatic Glass Grinders in automatic glass processing



What benefits can robots, IOT (Internet of Things) and automated machinery bring to the glass grinding industry in the automatic glass processing process?

Giải pháp IOT, Robot và Máy mài kính tự động trong quá trình gia công kính

The fourth industrial revolution is now underway, which represents a true advancement in the “making of industry” and our understanding of the associated organizational and production processes. The phrase “industry 4.0” refers to a current movement that aims to combine modern production technologies and industrial automation to enhance working conditions, boost productivity, and enhance the caliber of a company’s plant operations.

The glass processing industry has also been completely taken over by this revolution. By using solutions that boost production flexibility and automate tasks, the glassworks are able to delegate the most routine tasks to automated systems, freeing up staff members to work on more responsible projects. At the same time, these systems can link various machines, enabling seamless integration and a coordinated production process. Taking your business into the era of Industry 4.0 entails increasing your competitiveness in the marketplace, making a timely leap into the future, and defeating the competition.

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The “Internet of Things,” a technical growth path that gives everything in the digital world—including grinding machines—a unique identity over the Internet, is one way to achieve what we have seen so far. This is made possible in Lattuada specifically by the PLM IOT i-Like Machines software, which enables continuous production monitoring, machine-to-machine communication, and easy access to workflow data through an intuitive interface. Selecting a Lattuada straight line edging machine fitted with our software will enable your glassworks to keep an eye on the production cycle in real time, get alerts in the event of a fault, maximize plant output, and minimize machine downtime.

Glass processing automation extends beyond simply automating machines through the integration of specialized systems that enable autonomous operations. For this reason, Lattuada developed the A-WR system, which offers fully automatic wheel adjustment management, and the i-AL system, which is a comprehensive package of mechanical, electrical, and software components specifically engineered to provide maximum automation in glass processing as well as seamless integration with the entire production system.

And that’s not all! Robots are currently the main characters in the realm of industry 4.0 applied to the processing of glass. These are completely automated devices that can do the majority of tasks often performed by professionals and can collaborate with people. In order to accomplish this, Lattuada has been working in partnership with Knitell Glass, a German company, for a number of years. As a result, we are able to integrate the KUKA robot, which can move glass sheets from one machine to another without the need for operator assistance and detect edges, into our production lines.

We introduced Italian and European glassmakers to a system that combines the robot KUKA with two Lattuada straight-line edgers at the Vitrum show in 2017.In this instance, we had a completely automated glass measuring instrument, two straight-line edgers with eleven grinding wheels, and a KUKA robot to link the two machines. This kind of connection made it feasible to have continuous production, an automated working speed modification based on glass size, and the ability to rotate glass 90 or 180 degrees. A true invention that made it possible to reduce operators’ workloads and achieve fully controlled production six years ago!

These days, KUKA multi-axis articulated robots work in tandem with the latest fully automated Lattuada grinding machine models to provide considerable productivity gains, lower process costs, and increased operator safety—particularly when handling huge glass sheets.

Do you want to take your glassware into the future? The primary benefits are as follows:

  • Enhance the automation of the grinding process for glass.
  • Reduce downtime to cut manufacturing expenses.
  • Standardize grinding quality while boosting output, improve machinery adaptability.
  • Lower manufacturing hazards by minimizing man-machine interaction

If you are interested in automating glass processing into your glass production process or would like to know more about how to improve production efficiency, contact us today for consultation and cost support. Details via Hotline: 0909 914 837.

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