The Most Effective Way To Your Maintain CNC Machine

The Most Effective Way To Your Maintain CNC Machine

The Most Effective Way To Your Maintain CNC Machine

Indeed, for almost of machines, caring and maintaining can strongly effect on their life.

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. In manufacturing process, CNC is the process which control machining tools by computer automatically. CNC machines have ability to cut a wide of variety of parts and components with accurate specifications and operate in lengthy periods.

Therefore, it is necessary to maintain lifespan and ensure accuracy of your CNC machine. So, how to take care of your CNC machine the most effectively? Read the following.

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Maintaining CNC Machine

Daily Care

You can easily buy CNC machines from automation companies (such as RobotNext), but to ensure efficiency in long operating-time, it is essential to do regular care.

And the following is the decent maintenance procedure you could perform to avoid unexpected errors when operating CNC machine, ensure operating capacity as well as productivity.

  • Checking and making sure that the hydraulic fluids are at the right level.
  • Checking and making sure that the hydraulic pressure is at the right level.
  • Making sure that the pressure is at the correct operating level.
  • Making sure that the cooling system is at the proper operational level.
  • Making sure that the lubrication system is operating well and refill it if needed.
  • Removing chips out of the pan.
  • Regular cleaning covering and protecting system.

Preventive Maintainance every three months

  • Checking and greasing the chain of the chip conveyor.
  • Doing the same for the filters of the cooling system.

Preventive Maintainance every six months

  • Checking and cleaning the air reservoirs, pumps, coolant tanks as well as oil drainages to ensure that they are still working smoothly.
  • Draining, removing sludge, oil and chips then refilling the cooling unit.
  • Cleaning the radiator and making sure that the radiator fins are straight and not damaged.
  • Taking the machine’s chuck and jaws to pieces and cleaning them.
  • Draining and cleaning the lubrication unit then add fresh lubricant.
  • Draining the hydraulic tank and replacing the oil with fresh hydraulic oil.

Yearly Preventive Maintainance

  • Checking the spindle for radial issues.
  • Checking the tailstock and the headstock for misalignments.
  • Checking the chuck cylinder for running out.
  • Checking parallelism and inclination of the turrent.
  • Inspecting the entire machine for air and oil leaks.

No matter what type of your CNC machine, to make sure that it still work well, you need to perform maintenance and check it at least once a year for functionality, accuracy and lifespan. Such things need to be done by professionals, so you may need to call in a certified engineer if you or your workers do not have a thorough knowledge. Such things need to be done by professionals, so you need to have at least an engineer or a team of engineers that have a thorough knowledge about automation in order to perform procedure mentioned above.

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