3D Programming Technology


3D Programming Technology

Fast, accurate programming for robots.

Programming a multi-axis control system for a robot has always been a complex and laborious task. Robots can be programmed using teaching and learning methods, but these methods require a lot of fine-tuning to achieve the perfect path. Our software solution allows you to program robots as easily as you can program a CNC machine. Precise 3D simulation shows exactly how your robot will behave, providing high accuracy and efficiency.


Programming for large sized products is easy
Calculate and check the toolpath on the robot
Optimizing, handling singularities, collisions, limited access and unnecessary axis movements
Adaptability, mobility when combining control of external axes, turntables and robots
Program and simulate the entire robot trajectory
Supports popular robots: KUKA, ABB, Fanuc, Motoman, Staubli
Initialize processes, control programs before and after
Sculpting in stone and wood
Modelling in foam and resin
Trimming and deburring of all types of materials
Plasma cutting
Laser cutting
Spot and arc-welding
Laser cladding
Turbine and jet blade repair
Non-destructive measurement of complex 3D parts