Conveyor Tracking Technology


Conveyor Tracking Technology

Conveyor Tracking Technology controls a combination of robot and conveyor. The software automatically adapts the robot’s actions to the movement of the assembly line or conveyor belt. In this way, the robot can work with moving conveyors or move them from one conveyor to another.

Easy programming of applications with conveyors

Conveyor tracking technology enables fast commissioning and simple conveyor application programming, and software enables parallel operation of the conveyor system. Conveyor systems can be unidirectional (e.g. conveyor) or multidirectional (e.g. AGV).

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Advantages of the Conveyor tracking Technology

  • Shorten production time. The software synchronizes the robot with the conveyor motion in motion. This means there is no need to stop the conveyor during production.
  • Easy synchronization. When converting from asynchronous to partial synchronous programming, the software calculates the motion independently to be synchronized relative to the conveyor. Since the conveyor runs continuously, the entire production process is therefore more flexible. The robot and the conveyor can stop synchronously in the event of a stop request (e.g. emergency stop).
  • Greater flexibility. The technology impresses with its high precision and thus can also be used flexibly in assembly processes.

Conveyor Tracking Applications

Food and beverage


comsumer packaged goods

Automative parts handling

3C – Assembly

Medical devices