Engineering Robot Solution


Engineering Robot Solution

Enhance the quality of production and product quality at a reasonable cost for each customer by applying robots in manufacturing processes.

In addition to the robot applications have been standardized and used effectively. With the actual needs in manufacturing technology, many new applications are needed to use robots along with optimized applications to suit each specific customer.

Diversity and complexity in new and product-specific and process-specific applications become easier and more efficient as well as ensuring stability and safety through the application of new technologies. Such as specialized software, cameras, system simulation, programming and offline integration along with risk assessment analysis based on our team of experienced engineers.

In addition, the surrounding equipment and the robot system are also the key points determining the success of the project such as grippers, positioners, turntables, slide rails…

RobotNext with a team of engineers going through different large and small projects in different robot applications has full capacity and experience as well as product and application understanding. We are confident to meet the needs of the factory in the most efficient way.

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