Handling Robot


Handling Robot

Enhance the quality of production and product quality at a reasonable cost for each customer by applying robots in manufacturing processes

Integrating robots into pick-and-drop applications becomes popular and standardized day by day. The effectiveness of robotic arms has become more apparent in recent years. Automation helps to standardize and stabilize product quality and production processes. Improve factory production productivity, save time and cost on each product.

The movement and arrangement of products and equipment in the factory seems simple, but it takes a lot of time and human effort. But with robots, it becomes simple and effective, meeting the variety of objects to be picked up such as size, material, and weight.

The handing robot system is integrated at the same time with surrounding devices such as conveyors, grips, and slides to help the robot become flexible and diverse. Along with that are advanced technologies such as image processing applications, conveyor monitoring to help improve accuracy, processing ability as well as system productivity.

Some practical applications:

  • Pick and place
  • Material handling
  • Stacking
  • De-stacking
  • Packaging

RobotNext with a team of engineers who have gone through various large and small projects in the application of gripping robots has full capacity and experience as well as product and application understanding. We are confident to meet the needs of the factory in the most efficient way

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Products & System

Robot Accessories Intelligent technology
We offer the best solutions based on the right models for each application and product.

The equipment needed for machine tending robot systems


RobotNext provides various standard grippers for gripping packages, boxes or plastic stuff


RobotNext provides various conveyors for serving in systems and lines of automation production

Pneumatic Devices

RobotNext provides different pneumatic devices for automation systems and robotic systems

Advanced technology solutions and software

Vision Technology

RobotNext offers vision camera solution for robotic applications, especially pick and place, products checking applications.

Conveyor Tracking

RobotNext offers the solution that robots can be operated with conveyor system synchronously and optimize for manufacturign process, especially for applications in painting, food industry, and electric.

Offline Simulation

RobotNext offers automation system solution with robot for operation processes simulation that is close to realities.