Palletizing Robot


Palletizing Robot

Enhance the quality of production and product quality at a reasonable cost for each customer by applying robots in manufacturing processes.

Integrating robots into palletizing applications becomes popular and standardized day by day. The effectiveness of robotic arms has become more apparent in recent years. Automation helps to standardize and stabilize product quality and production processes. Improve factory production productivity, save time and cost on each product.

The operation of picking up products and stacking them on the pallet seems simple, but once the robot is used, there is no better replacement mechanism. When the robot bag packing system has to meet the requirements of wire capacity, number of products, complicated packing specifications, and optimizing the number of inputs and outputs, the system becomes complicated, but only robots able to respond.

With a wide product range in terms of both reach and payload, the palletizing robot is carefully integrated with the most effective and efficient solution for each product. Ensure to meet the diversity of input products such as bag pickers, crate pickers, boxes, bottles… along with the versatility of single, dual or layer grip designs.

In addition to the robot arm which is an important element in the palletizing system, related components are indispensable such as the input conveyor system, the pallet feeding system, the output conveyor system, the film wrapping machine, product handle. Together with the control and monitoring system by PLC, HMI makes the system flexible, safe, easy to operate and use.

RobotNext with a team of engineers who have undergone various large and small projects in the application of robots in palletizing systems has full capacity and experience as well as product and application understanding. We are confident to meet the needs of the factory in the most efficient way.

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RobotNext provides a variety of standard types of gripper in grip of wrappings, palletizers and plastic products


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