Welding Robot


Welding Robot

Enhance the quality of production and product quality at a reasonable cost for each customer by applying robots in manufacturing processes.

Integrated robot welding applications in metal processing or generally become popular and standardized each day. The effectiveness of robotic arms has become more apparent in recent years. Automation helps to standardize and stabilize the quality of welds, products, and welding processes. Improve factory production productivity, save time and cost on each product.

Perfectly meet product quality on many different materials such as aluminum welding, iron welding, stainless steel welding. Optimize function and technology of the welding machine by connecting control of all advanced features from the robot side. Perform complex and demanding welding angles with high quality. Fully integrate optical equipment such as welding jig, automatic rotating jig, welding torch services to make the system work more efficiently and flexibly. Welding technology, touch sensing and programming from 3d files make the welding robot system really different

RobotNext with a team of engineers who have undergone various large and small projects in welding and cutting applications has full capacity and experience as well as product and application understanding. We are confident to meet the needs of the factory in the most efficient way

Robot Hàn

Products & System

Robot Accessories Intelligent technology
We offer the best solutions based on the right models for each application and product.

The equipment needed for machine tending robot systems

Turn table

RobotNext provides various types of turn table for robotic applications, especially applications of welding, painting and sculprure
Vật tư tiêu hao hệ thống hàn

Welding Consumables

RobotNext provides various welding consumables for MIG/MAG, TIG

Advanced technology solutions and software

Welding Torch Sensing

RobotNext offers welding torch sensing solution to help robot be more flexible and effective, especially for applications in welding, picking and placing.

Offline Simulation

RobotNext offers automation system solution with robot for operation processes simulation that is close to realities.