Preventive Maintenance Service

Preventive Maintenance Service

RobotNext – Preventive Maintenance Service

How long your robot system running without maintenance or condition checking?

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Preventive Maintenance

In order to ensure the continuous production process, preventive maintenance for the robot is essential. The regular maintenance will help minimize unnecessary problems for the robot. That means preventing production downtime, repair costs – many times higher than regular maintenance costs. Not only that, the preventive maintenance also helps increase the working efficiency of the robot, thereby helping manufacturers save fuel and energy. Therefore, planning periodic maintenance is the optimal choice for manufacturers who want to operate in the long term.

ROBOTNEXT provides Preventive Maintenance Service for robots to help ensure your robot can operate smoothly without fear of downtime due to any unexpected problems.

Our standard and professional procedure is divided into two stages:
Inspection, Evaluation implementation:
Backup system data.
Perform an inspection of lubrication.
Perform an inspection of noise and vibration.
Evaluate general robot working
Send detailed report, evaluation and need solutions
Preventive Maintenance implementation
Lubricate all of axis
Replace batteries
Clean robot and controller
Check all functions of robot, teach pendant, arm-robot and controller
Manual and auto running test on robot
Make and send to customer a comprehensive report


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