Robot For Rent

Robot For Rent

RobotNext – Robot For Rent Service

You are considering robot system investment cost?

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Dịch vụ cho thuê Robot

We understand that not every individual or business has a lasting need for a robot. There is a temporary increase in demand, lack of workers, for research and development needs, … or you are even considering investing in automation but don’t want to risk your initial capital. All the above problems have been solved by ROBOTNEXT by Robot Rental Service

Our service allows you to rent the system for the required time without a fixed capital constraint, so you can flex that capital to invest in more suitable projects.

Practical demands:

  1. Serve exhibitions, meetings, marketing
  2. Serve training
  3. Serve production (welding, grinding, cutting, spraying, handling, …)
  4. Robot system as required

Assets of RobotNext:

  1. Know thoroughly applied and advanced technology of the automation system
  2. Completely provide the most useful and safe solutions for each robot system.
  3. Consult comprehensive solution of mechanical, controller, integrate with surrounding equipment according as each application.
Renting Policies:
Include maintenance and cost of repairs for the whole rented robot system – except from faults by physical impacts (from customer).
Assist customer in setting up system.
Discount policy for long-term rent or paying by instalments flexibly.


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Preferential price

Annual preventive maintenance service package
System upgrading service
Replacement parts and accessories