Robot Reconditioning Service

Robot Reconditioning Service

RobotNext – Robot Reconditioning Service

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Phục dựng Robot

Robot reconditioning – is also called robot refurbishment or robot re-manufacturing. Going through a long operation time, robots are more and more prone to be out of order, unstable and easy to arise unexpected faults. To prevent and get out of those difficult situations, ROBOTNEXT provides Robot Reconditioning Service – restore your dated robot to like-new robot with a great efficiency.

When choosing our Robot Reconditioning Service, your robot will experience a careful inspection, repair and cleaning that can make your robot return process of production as efficiently as possible.

Our standard and professional procedure is divided into two stages:

Inspection implementation

Backup system data
Perform an inspection of lubrication.
Perform an inspection of noise and vibration.
Evaluate general robot working
Send detailed report, evaluation and need solutions
Reconditioning implementation
Perform all repairs of found faults
Lubricate all of axis
Replace batteries.
Clean robot and controller.
Repaint controller and robot as requested
Perform an inspection of noise and vibration
Check all functions of robot, teach pendant, arm-robot and controller
Manual and auto running test on robot
Make and send to customer comprehensive report
Completely confirm service package to customer
Perform a careful packing and shipping robot


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