For RobotNext, the privacy of people who access our website is extremely important, so we commit to protect it. This policy explains what we do with your personal information. It is valid from …

Gathering personal information

We can collect, store and use types of information below:

  • Business information: name and title company.
  • Contact information: name, mail address, phone number.
  • Demographic information: country, region/area that you are living and working.

Before you leak other’s personal information, you have to get their agreement about providing and handling information following this policy.

Using personal information

Personal information which we receive via our website is used for identified purposes in policy.

We can use personal information you provide for:

  • Website management and our work.
  • Contact you via contact information you provided (if necessary).
  • Using the provided information to customize our website according to your interests.
  • Collecting and publishing aggregate information about website usage patterns.
  • Keeping the website secure and out of cheat.

Managing personal information

  • We will not provide your personal information for any third parties without your complete agreement; except that we are forced to do so related to legal procedure that has been happening at present or future.
  • We will perform suitably precautionary measures for technique and set up to prevent from loss, abuse or changing your personal information.
  • We will store all information you provided on our secure servers (protected by strict password and firewall).

Updating information

To ensure that information we store is accurate, please let us know if your information which we are keeping needs fixed or updated.

Our reform

We can update this policy at any time by an announcement of a new version on our website. Sometimes, you should check the website to guarantee your knowledge about any changes to the policy. We can announce changes to you via email address or by the private message system of our website.