Cable, wiring & connectors

Cable, wiring & connectors

Cable, wiring & connectors – RobotNext provides various cable, wiring and connectors for serving in systems and lines of automation production

We provide special support equipments for applications with robotic arms. With expert foundations and technical experiments in automation field, we ensure to extend our core values and difference to our customers.

RobotNext provides standard conveyors which are suitable to the need of our customers.


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Dress pack

RobotNext provides various dess pack for different robotic systems, especially in box and bag palletizing robotic systems

Cable chain

RobotNext provides conveyor chains for various automated robotic systems. In particular, the robot system moves on sliding rail systems


RobotNext provides suitable wirings for different moving robot systems. Especially the robot system for packing food, picking bags, picking boxes


RobotNext provides standard connectors for various automated robotic systems. Especially in automated systems with high standards