4-step process of producing tempered glass at the factory with automation technology and modern machinery

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4-step process of producing tempered glass at the factory with automation technology and modern machinery

In the midst of the 4.0 industrial era, the glass factory has applied automation processes and used high-tech equipment to optimize the tempered glass production process. In this article, we will explore the key stages of the tempered glass manufacturing process and the automation equipment, including glass picking robots.


Stage 1: Tempered glass pretreatment

The glass production process begins by passing full-sized sheet glass through an automatic cutting machine. Equipment such as automatic cutting machines, grinders, drilling machines, and boring machines are used to perform prefabrication processes according to order requirements. The computer automatically calculates and controls the cutting, grinding, drilling, and boring processes most accurately, ensuring high precision and performance. The glass is then washed and dried to ensure a clean glass surface.

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Tempered glass pretreatment


Stage 2: Check and prepare strength

After pre-treatment, the glass is thoroughly inspected to ensure it meets quality requirements before entering the tempering stage. Quality testing equipment is used to measure and test the durability of glass before tempering. Only when the glass meets quality standards does it move to the next stage.

Stage 3: Strengthening and marking

After the glass is transferred from the washing and drying equipment, the glass picking robot arm automatically grasps the glass and transfers it to the tempering furnace. The automatic glass picking robot arm ensures accuracy and speed in transferring the glass from pre-treatment to the tempering stage.

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FANUC robot is responsible for automatically picking up glass from the washing machine and placing it in the glass tempering furnace

In the glass tempering furnace, heating to the deformation point takes place, helping the glass achieve better strength and durability. At the same time, the tempered glass logo is also printed with durable enamel paint, ensuring firm adhesion on the glass surface.

Stage 4: Completion and release

After the tempering stage, the finished tempered glass is removed and tested again to ensure quality and durability. The quality testing machinery used during this stage ensures that the glass meets the highest quality standards. The glasses are then packaged and prepared for shipment, ready to meet customer needs.

The glass factory uses automation equipment such as automatic cutting machines, automatic grinding machines, automatic drilling machines, automatic boring machines and automatic glass picking robot arms. This automation technology increases production efficiency and quality, while ensuring accuracy and uniformity in the tempered glass production process.

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